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Gormiti Sinkronizirano Na Hr Rapidshare davdemi




It’s like Final Cut, with your own personal library and a couple of nice editors. VidCoub will replace your existing video player. It’s a little buggy, but extremely simple and easy to use. There’s even a desktop version if you want a dedicated app to work on a big screen. The developers keep working on the app, and are committed to making it perfect. Download VidCoub 9. Lapse A video editor focused on the workflow of a photographer. This app is built for professionals. You can combine, composite and render multiple videos at once to create a video book that you can publish on your website or social media. Lapse is like having a complex PhotoShop or DaVinci Resolve built for the iPhone. You can resize and crop, add overlays, or even use your photos as texture maps for a photo-realistic effect. Download Lapse 10. Mixvibes Mixvibes is a high-end music editor, mixer and loop creator for professional DJs and producers. It’s a video or audio-only DJing app, where you can add your own soundtrack. In the app, you can easily record your music, and even build your own setlists and playlists. Mixvibes is like having a complete audio mixer. While it only edits audio loops, the interface is intuitive and simple to use. It’s cross-platform, so you can work on it on your Mac, iOS and Windows. It’s also a great tool for those of you who want to get their hands on a professional DJ setup. Download Mixvibes The app collections 11. Creative Creative is a fairly new player for video, but it has quickly gained popularity and is currently in the top of free app charts. It’s almost a remake of the original Final Cut, but with a very cool interface. Creative has a streamlined interface. The timeline is very simple, and the app gives you some nice tools to edit your videos. Its interface is just like that of Final Cut Pro, but without its price tag. It even has live video previews for your files. It’s a great app to edit videos on the go. You can even send them to other apps like Animoto or Elg




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Gormiti Sinkronizirano Na Hr Rapidshare davdemi
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